Über 100 Venture Capital-Geber, denen jeder Gründer sofort folgen sollte

Viele Twitternutzer wissen einfach nicht, wem sie folgen sollen. deutsche-startups.de, bei Twitter als @DStartups unterwegs, empfiehlt deswegen im Rahmen des #followfriday immer wieder folgenswerte Accounts bei Twitter bzw. weist auf neuen Twitteraccounts hin. […]
Über 100 Venture Capital-Geber, denen jeder Gründer sofort folgen sollte

Viele Twitternutzer wissen einfach nicht, wem sie folgen sollen. deutsche-startups.de, bei Twitter als @DStartups unterwegs, empfiehlt deswegen im Rahmen des #followfriday immer wieder folgenswerte Accounts bei Twitter bzw. weist auf neuen Twitteraccounts hin. Heute gibt es eine Special-Ausgabe: Wir empfehlen über 100 deutsche Venture Capital-Geber, Inkubatoren und Accelerator, denen jeder Gründer folgen sollten. Viel Spaß beim Folgen!

Neben den Unternehmensprofilen von diversen – vorwiegend deutschen – Venture Capital-Gebern, Inkubatoren und Accelerator-Programmen, weisen in dieser langen Liste auch auf die Menschen hinter den Kapitalgebern hin – also auf die Macher, Analysten und Partner in den jeweiligen Unternehmen. Daneben gibt es einige Hinweise auf internationale Anbieter, die in Deutschland unterwegs sind.

Axel Springer Plug&Play Accelerator

Axel Springer PnP / Axel Springer Plug&Play Accelerator / @as_pnp
The Axel Springer Plug&Play Accelerator serves as a booster 4 new ventures & provides immediate access to a sophisticated network and global infrastructure.

Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments

BDMI Fund / @BDMIFund
BDMI is a strategic venture investor focused on innovative digital media technologies, products, and distribution channels across the globe.

Jan Borgstädt / @JanBorgstaedt

Saskia Jarick / @sasjarick

Tobias Schirmer / @TobiasSchirmer
VC with a focus on digital media.


betafabrik / @betafabrik
We are passionate about building great startups. We strongly belive in the Lean Startup-Approach.

b-to-v Partners

b-to-v Partners AG / @b_to_v
b-to-v Partners is a network of entrepreneurial private investors investing in growth companies with promising and scalable business models.

Capnamic Ventures

Capnamic Ventures / @Capnamic
Das Capnamic Ventures Team twittert News, Links und Infos.

Jörg Binnenbrücker / @bibrue
Venture Capitalist from Cologne/ Germany, Founding Partner #capnamic #dumontventure & big time football supporter (1.FC Köln)

André Burchart / @burchart
Investment Manager @ digital media investor Capnamic Ventures, Cologne

Maurice Kock / @mauricekock
Co-Founder The European Pirate Summit / Analysis and Research at Capnamic Ventures

Dominik Mühl / @dominikmuehl

Thorben Rothe / @TTRothe

Catagonia Capital

Catagonia Capital / @catagoniaberlin
Venture Capital for Technology and Internet Startups.

Andreas Harting / @AndyHarting
Managing Partner at Catagonia – Berlin-based VC firm investing in mobile internet, social network apps, location and internet based services.

Ralph Eric Kunz / @RalphEKunz
Managing Director at Catagonia – Berlin-based VC firm investing in mobile internet, social network apps, location and internet based services.

Creathor Venture

Creathor Venture / @creathorventure
Creathor Venture is an internationally active venture capital company focussing on early stage companies with innovative technologies and business concepts.

curtis newton

curtis newton / @curtisnewtonlab
Formerly known as @dw_capital, but now with a new, pioneering focus on innovations that shape our digital future. Lab Projects: @virato_de @topicgraph @itravel

Axel Schmiegelow / @AxlS
Serial Entrepreneur, Advertising, WebTV, Seed Investor, Monetization Freak, Optimistic Sceptic

Björn Schumacher / @schumacher_b
Digital Native, Querdenker, Founder Virato.de und Innovation Manager bei curtis newton in Köln

Digital Pioneers

Digital Pioneers / @dp_hh
Digital Pioneers N.V. ist eine börsennotierte Beteiligungsgesellschaft – Wir machen Frühphasen-Investments und entwickeln eigene Projekte.

Heiko Hubertz / @HHubertz
Bigpoint – Digital Pioneers


Earlybird VC / @EarlybirdVC
VC active in software, information and communication technology, internet based services, cleantech and medtech

Maximilian Claussen / @MaxClaussen
Tech VC @EarlybirdVC in Berlin

Ciarán O’Leary / @ciaranoleary
VC @EarlybirdVC. Irish, Bavarian accent. Passive Greenpeace activist, active FC Bayern fan. Own nothing that burns fossils. Sailing.

Epic Companies

EPIC Companies / @EPICCompanies
We are committed to building companies that drive change and leave a lasting impact


etventure / @etventure
from idea to business: we transform promising ideas into scalable products and businesses

Philipp Depiereux / @Depiereux
CEO & founder of #etventure, #onesustain; thinks different and wants to change the world; #VC #startup #entrepreneur #innovation #online #mobile #sustainability

Alexander Franke / @Alex_Franke
Chief Business Development Officer @etventure, passionated about the internet since 1993, lived&worked in Palo Alto, Helsinki, Munich & Berlin.

Philipp Herrmann / @PhilippHE
CEO and Co-founder of #etventure; aims to create value through #innovation in #online and #mobile markets; #Stanford #MBA 2012


e.ventures / @eventuresVC
A global Venture Capital platform. Five local funds. One global team.

Linda Dannenberg / @ldannenberg
Tech VC @eventuresVC


FoundersLink / @FoundersLink
As a Pioneer in VentureCreation, we are always looking for great Founders/Co-Founders with whom we build up Internet-companies in the B2B/B2C-Sector.

Oliver Beste / @OliverBeste
Serial entrepreneur. FoundersLink. CEO of @TOLLABOX.

Fabian Hansmann / @FabianHansmann
Co-Founder Deal United, FoundersLink, Givanto, RatePay, Steganos, Talentory; Seed investor MisterSpex, Seedcamp etc. Always looking for outstanding people!

Geek Space 9

geekspace9 / @geekspace9
We build great companies with a straight focus to technology. We are looking for talents and teams with power – for smart ideas to make people’s life easier!

Marco Stipek / @codeprophet
Ich schreibe Software für’s Essen und hacke Hardware für den Spass

German Silicon Valley Accelerator (GSVA)

German Accelerator / @GSVAccelerator


GermanStartupsGroup / @GermanStartupsG
Seed VC based in Berlin

Christoph Gerlinger / @Chris_Gerlinger
Entrepreneur – by incident and by heart


HackFwd / @HackFwd
We’re experienced tech entrepreneurs looking to support and invest in Europe’s most passionate geeks. We like this twitter thing.

Lars Hinrichs / @LarsHinrichs
Entrepreneur, Investor, Father, Husband & Executive Geek at HackFwd, CEO Cinco Capital, TEDster, EO, YPO, YGL, DLD fan. Quality tweeting since April 2007

Hanse Ventures

Hanse Ventures / @hanseventuresDE
Hanse Ventures ist der Inkubator in Hamburg. Wir entwickeln Geschäftskonzepte im Bereich Internet und Mobile.

High-Tech Gründerfonds

HTGF / High-Tech Gründerfonds / @HTGF_
German venture capital firm that invests in seed stage high-tech companies.

Alex von Frankenberg / High-Tech Gründerfonds / @Justdoitalex
Investing in high-tech start-ups in German

Jan Sessenhausen / HTGF / @jsessenhausen
Investmentmanager @ HTGF

Simon Schneider / @simon_schneider

Holtzbrinck Ventures

Rainer Maerkle / @rmaerkle
VC at Holtzbrinck Ventures – always interested in new ideas and busines models in the Internet space


hub:raum Berlin / @hubraumberlin
Are you tomorrow’s trail-blazing web startup? Let’s work together and turn your idea into a great business venture.

Peter Borchers / hub:raum / @pbo
Founder/Head of Deutsche Telekom’s global incubator ‘hub:raum‘, Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Investor, Dad

Iris Capital

Iris Capital / @Iris_Capital
Iris Capital is a VC firm sponsored by Orange and Publicis, specialized in the digital economy, primarily active in Europe, that backed over 215 startups


iVentureCapital GmbH / @iVC_GmbH
We invest in IT-, Web- and Media firms. Our focus lies on the online games market. We offer funds as well as entrepreneurial experience and valuable contacts.


Kizoo / @Kizoo
KIZOO helps young start-up teams grow. We provide seed and early stage financing with a focus on SaaS, Internet & Mobile Services and Social Applications.

Liquid Labs

Liquid Labs / @TheLiquidLabs

Paul Jozefak / @pjozefak
A Slovak-born American in Germany building start-ups and abusing technology @ http://www.liquidlabs.de

Roberto Valerio / @robertovalerio
Generation C64. Web entrepreneur, have a look at http://CloudSafe.com , http://www.DeviceIdent.com

MAS angel fund

makeastartup.com / @makeastartup
Benjamin Rohé // angelfund.vc

M Cube

M Cube Incubator / @MCubeIncubator
M Cube is a Berlin based Incubator trying hard not to copy other peoples business….

netSTART Venture

netSTART INVESTMENT ist ein Angebot für Gründer der Net Economy für die finanzielle und inhaltliche Unterstützung des eigenen Startups.

Tobias Kollmann / @Prof_Kollmann
Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann ist Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für E-Business und E-Entrepreneurship an der Universität Duisburg-Essen und CEO der netSTART Venture GmbH.

Neuhaus Partners

Thomas Preuß / @TPreuss
Germany based tech VC and passionate entrepreneur. Loving bikes, boats and sports.

Next Generation Finance

NextGFI / @NextGFI
Next Generation Finance invests in companies which are well positioned to benefit from new megatrends in internet and finance (finance 2.0, banking 2.0)

Paua Ventures

Paua Ventures / @pauaventures

Partech Ventures

Partech / @partechventures
VC; Founded in 1982; Tweeting: #PCO, #JMP & #AS (Partners), #BC, #CK, #JGN & #JPO (Analysts); Investing mainly in Europe & US

Gabriel Matuschka / Partech Ventures / @gmatuschka
VC with @partechventures, co-founder Berlin Tech Meetup @BTechMeetup

Passion Capital

Passion Capital / @passioncapital
We are @stefanglaenzer @eileentso @robertdighero. What can we build together?

Eileen Burbidge / @eileentso
Early-stage tech VC and recovering work- and tech- aholic. Online identity full circle: Eileen Tso, Eileen Broch, Eileen Burbidge

Robert Dighero / @robertdighero
Dad, White Bear Yard angel and partner at Passion Capital

Stefan Glänzer / @StefanGlaenzer
Somehow undecided whether being an entrepreneur or an investor. Like it.

Point Nine Capital

Point Nine Capital / @PointNineCap
Berlin based early stage venture capital firm focused entirely on the Internet and Digital Media.

Pawel Chudzinski / @pawell
Early stage VC based in Berlin at @pointninecap; http://www.linkedin.com/in/pchudzinski

Christoph Janz / @chrija
Internet entrepreneur turned angel investor turned micro VC. Managing Partner at http://www.pointninecap.com

Project A Ventures

Project A Ventures / @ProjectAcom
Our vision is to help the best entrepreneurs to build leading global companies in internet, mobile and technology with both our capital and our expertise.

Florian Heinemann / @fheinemann
Co-Founder/MD of Project A, passionate about my family, entrepreneurship, and digital advertising.

Uwe Horstmann / Project A Ventures / @uwehorstmann
Founding partner / venture capital at Project A Ventures (Berlin, Sao Paulo) Lived in Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Eastern Africa, North Korea and Japan

ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator

P7S1 Accelerator / ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator / @p7s1accelerator
Boost your dreams – the startup accelerator led by ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG


Redalpine / @redalpine
Redalpine provides venture capital to highly scalable European start-ups. Early stage investments by entrepreneurs.

Rocket Internet

Rocket Internet / @RocketBerlin
The most successful online venture builder.


SevenVentures / @SevenVentures
Germany’s largest TV company announces the first 7VPD. Compete for a 7 million Euro prize of TV media on the channels owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG


STARTPLATZ / @StartPlatz
http://www.STARTPLATZ.de – Für Startups, Gründer, Selbstständige und Entrepreneurs aus dem Raum Köln.

Lorenz Graef / @lgraef
Founder Globalpark AG, Investor and Business Angel, Herausgeber Golf Post, Betreiber des Inkubators Startplatz

Target Partners

Target Partners / @targetpartners
We are a leading venture capital (VC) firm based in Munich and invest in young technology companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Markus Grundmann / @markusgrundmann
Associate at VC firm Target Partners, passionate about building businesses and technology; find me on rebelmouse

Olaf Jacobi / Target Partners / @olafjacobi
Venture Capital Investor @targetpartners , Business Angel, Serial Entrepreneur, Athlete

Berthold von Freyberg / @bvfreyberg
1989, 1993 ETH Zürich Diploma, PhD 1997 Microsoft Office PM, Seattle 1999 TVM Capital, Munich SInce 2000 Target Partners, Munich


TeamEurope / @TeamEurope

Lukasz Gadowski / @lak

Kolja Hebenstreit / @Kolja
Founding Partner at Team Europe


TheMediaLab / @TheMediaLab
TheMediaLab ist ein Joint-Venture der Mediengruppe Madsack und der WAZ-Mediengruppe mit Sitz in Hamburg.


Thomas Grota / @thomasgr
VC @ Deutsche Telekom AG / T-Mobile, Investor in myTaxi, flaregames, Smarchive, apprupt, 6Wunderkinder, mobile & cloud applications. Mentor @ seedcamp & hackfwd

Venista Ventures

Venista Ventures / @VenistaPress
You have a venture. We have the experience and industry knowledge. Let‘s make your idea happen.


venturecapital.de / CFP & Founders Investments / @cfpff
venturecapital.de – powered by CFP & Founders

Thümmler Andreas / @Athuemmler
CEO and Founder of Corporate Finance Partners (“CFP”) headquartered in Frankfurt/Germany. We are the leaders for Internet M&A in Germany and have

Venture Stars

Venture Stars / @VentureStars
Venture Stars is an incubator for internet startups. We found, support and invest into innovative internet startups in order to build market leading companies.

Nico Richter / @nicorichter
Venture Manager @VentureStars, entrepreneur, web-addict / living in munich, germany / enjoying the beauty of life – exploring the world

Wellington Partners

Wellington Partners / @wellingtonvc
Wellington Partners is a pan-European VC. We have already invested in companies like Actelion, Adconion, Ciao, Enecsys, ImmoScout24, Qype, Spotify and Xing.

Christian Thaler-Wolski / @chritw
Principal at Wellington Partners Venture Capital [tweets are my own] -[tweeting in English, German, and occasionally some odd Eastern European language]

Wayra Deutschland

Wayra Deutschland / @WayraDE
Wayra is Telefónica’s global startup accelerator. The second global #wayraCall is now closed. Stay tuned!


WestTechVentures / @WestTechVC

Massi Kamali / @MasoudMassi
IT & Media

Alexander Kölpin / @AlexKoelpin
Angel & SeedVC at http://www.WestTechVentures.com & check out http://berlinwebweek.de based in Berlin. These tweets are my own.

You Is Now

You Is Now / @YouIsNow
YOU IS NOW the Startup Incubator of Scout24

Unsere Empfehlungen sind rein subjektiv, die Reihenfolge ist zudem total beliebig und stellt keine Rangliste dar. Wir freuen uns über Ergänzungen in Sachen folgenswerte Twitteraccounts in den Kommentaren unter diesem Artikel. Wir sehen uns auf Twitter: @DStartups.

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Alexander Hüsing, Chefredakteur von deutsche-startups.de, arbeitet seit 1996 als Journalist. Während des New Economy-Booms volontierte er beim Branchendienst kressreport. Schon in dieser Zeit beschäftigte er sich mit jungen, aufstrebenden Internet-Start-ups. 2007 startete er deutsche-startups.de.