Venture Associate/ Online Marketing Manager (m/f)

German Media Pool

Venture Associate/ Online Marketing Manager (m/f)

Open Position: Venture Associate/ Online Marketing Manager (m/f)

To be a perfectly rounded team and to be able to handle the growth challenges of 2018 and beyond, we are looking for a Venture Associate. Because we are working closely with high-growth consumer companies, we require a new team member with hands-on work experience in digital marketing. We are a small company with a big vision and offer a flexible and supportive career environment.

For more information, please check our web site.

We look forward to hearing from you.

About German Media Pool

German Media Pool is the leading independent media for equity fund in Germany. This means we are a bridge between our 50+ premium media partners and high-growth companies. Our portfolio companies access significantly large (offline) advertising campaigns, which are an essential part of their customer acquisition strategy. To provide them with these campaigns, we use a venture capital invest model and hold shares in our portfolio companies. Using this model, we have contributed to the success of TopTarif, Danato, Momox, Home24 and ABOUT YOU.

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