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(Senior) Product Manager (m/f/d)

We just shipped the v1 of LumiQuote - a B2B SaaS application for the electronics industry and our first step in redefining the software stack used to bring electronics to life. In our current product team, our founders are acting as the interim product manager and product owner. To accelerate our development efforts, we are now looking for a dedicated product manager to take over responsibilities from our founders. As our product "CEO & Janitor" you are taking on one of the most important jobs in the company. To succeed in this role, you will have to excel in the following performance objectives:

  • Become the expert for our market, industry, competition & problem space and talk to our customers to work out the most important jobs-to-be-done and what solutions address them today.
  • Help us align our medium- and long-term strategy with our product roadmap and crisply communicate them to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Collect and analyze the right data to reduce the value, usability, feasibility, and business viability risks for our software.
  • Run continuous product discovery to prototype and test the solution space for LumiQuote.
  • Build strong relationships and collaborate effectively with Luminerds in engineering, design, legal, marketing, sales and business development to deliver value to our customers.
  • Support on grooming and prioritizing the backlog for our delivery team to make sure we always focus on the most important work next.
  • Help us introduce best practices and shape internal processes to turn Luminovo into a leading product-centric company.

Besides that we seek:

  • Strong communication skills in writing and in person, both in German and in English.
  • Have an interest in and be open to learning about the technical aspects of the EMS industry and what we do.
  • Have a structured approach to solve problems and always validate your hypotheses using data.
  • Be proactive, committed, and put solutions over problems.

Just so you know - we purposefully did not create a standard list of minimum qualifications for this role. We care much more about your motivation and ability to help us accelerate technical progress than we care just about your CV. If you're interested to find out more about why we banned requirements from our performance profiles - see here

  • We're an ambitious team located in the center of Munich. We do regular 1:1s, retrospectives, and paper reading groups to make sure we are constantly getting better at what we do.
  • We greatly value psychological safety and honest feedback. We always expect you to speak up and share your ideas about what we can improve within the company, and take these views to heart.
  • We offer a flexible working environment, weekly company lunch, and do regular team events together (from rafting on the Loisach in the summer, celebrating at Oktoberfest, keeping our team close through virtual events during Covid, or staying overnight at a winter hut during our hiking trip to the Alps).
  • We're excited to revolutionize the electronics industry - and we want you to be too. That's why all full-time Luminerds receive strong and fair stock option packages. We also support you in finding your perfect set-up, and help you choose between team Mac or team ThinkPad.  


At Luminovo, we believe that technical progress is the key to solving some of the biggest challenges facing humankind today. We see it as our core purpose to accelerate that technical progress.

When not working on achieving our mission, you'll find us working on building an incredible company culture for our team. We take our values seriously and work hard to ensure we embody them, as well as foster an environment of psychological safety. This forms the foundation for direct and continuous feedback between Luminerds, something that we encourage on a daily basis, regardless of being an intern, founder, full-time Luminerd or casual bystander. We've seen that direct and continuous feedback translates into continuous learning, and continuous learning is something we all want more of.

Since the founding of Luminovo, we've welcomed over twenty different nationalities into our team. With English as our internal operating language, we hope to increase this number as we continue to grow. Saying this, it's also important to us that you bring your whole, authentic self to work every day, and actively teach us what it means to be you.

We love to work with exceptional people on interesting problems. You'll find that some of our team members have graduated from renowned universities, while others have worked for some pretty innovative companies - but this doesn't matter too much to us. What matters most is what you bring to the table everyday and that you resonate with our company values. If you want to know more about the team you could be joining - as well as how we got to where we are now - head over to our About Us page.

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