• 20.11.2013
  • Ort: Berlin

FailCon is a one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others\/’ failures and prepare for success.

We all have founded, worked for or invested in startups that have failed. We\/’re smart, we keep up with the latest in technology trends, but sometimes just don\/’t go as planned. How can you predict what will work and what won\/’t? Well, you can\/’t.

But that doesn\/’t mean you should stop trying. It just means you should start exchanging stories of what didn\/’t work and how you pivoted, why you couldn\/’t raise money, what the wrong hires were like, and when you decided it was time to let go.

Entrepreneurs need to hear that from each other: that it\/’s okay to fail, it doesn\/’t mean you\/’re worthless. You\/’re just like the rest of us, learning from mistakes and building something bigger next time.

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