2. Leancamp Cologne

2. Leancamp Cologne
  • 23.04.2016
  • Ort: Köln

Learn Lean from the source.

Leancamp is an open conference where you set the topics.  You’ll meet people engaged in startups, corporations and a range of related fields — all sharing their experience in the name of progressing the state-of-the-art.

Leancamp is where many of the recent advances in startup thinking have taken place. The power of combining multiple communities of practice, and drawing on the strengths of a range of cities leads to rapid progress.

Everyone has the power to drive the Leancamp agenda, to contribute their experience, and to bring their challenges to thought-leaders and experienced founders who are creating faster ways to get traction.

Since participants drive the topics based on their needs, Leancamp is more timely and relevant than traditional conference formats – this is why we call it an un-conference!

Over 98% of Leancamp participants leave with actionable insight that they apply within a week or less, and most make long-lasting connections to collaborators and advisors.

Timetable: 8:30-open end (Beer & BBQ)

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